Yakhumndeni Programme in Dundee Diocese

One value that is central to African life is that a child belongs to everyone in the community. Hence the African proverb say: It takes the whole village to raise a child. This is an affirmation of the importance of the community, especially in raising children. The important feature of community connection is extending care, support and generosity to other people outside the community.

It is the responsibility of the entire community to nurture and protect the child and to ensure that children succeed in life.  When children succeed in life the whole community celebrate.  Therefore, ubuntu is a non-negotiable community value that imposes upon each and every individual in the community a sense of responsibility towards fellow human beings, especially children. Ubuntu is not a self-serving value, it is about a caring concern for others. When it comes to children every adult, professional and non-professional, has a non-negotiable responsibility to care for and serve children whether there are blood ties or not.

We believe that by working together we would be able to harness the energies, skills and connect them with indigenous skills and resources in the community and together we would work at ensuring that the communities are safe zones for children, we would develop systems of supporting families to do their job of raising and caring for children

As far as the support is concerned the funding wells are running dry.  Southern African Catholic Bishop’s Conference is no longer able to get funding for AIDS Office.  As we are all aware that this year was the last year of receiving funding for orphans and vulnerable children, SACBC managed to extend the funding for another one year.  (Funding Starting in May 2013 ending in June 2014).

Total number of orphans and vulnerable children is 690


Yakhumndeni Mentor Mother Project

Summary of registered cases since 12th November 2012-30April 2013:

• 272 Expectant Mothers

• 109 malnourished and vulnerable young children

• 2 young children died

• 83 live new born infants

• 1 still born infant

• 1 Miscarriage

Total number of registered and active clients:  381