Volunteer in St. Anthonys Home

My name is Bettina Kopfmüller, I am 22 years old and I come from Munich, Germany. Since February 2013 I stay in St. Anthonys Home in Blaawbosch/Newcastle as a Volunteer.

Bettina2It was always my dream to come to South Africa to do volunteering and I am so glad to get the chance for this great experience in St. Anthonys Home. I enjoy being with the kids, play, sing, or dance with them. They teach me the African way of live and I try to bring them a little bit of our german culture. We celebrated Easter like we do it in Germany and I teach them in Bellydancing and we are doing a computer course every week. It is so nice to see how much fun the kids have with everything.  They all have such great characters and it is a pleasure for me being part of this great, lovely, friendly and wonderful big family.

Before I came to South Africa I always thought, I come to give the kids as much as I can, but now, they give everything to me.  I will go back to Germany on the 12. June 2013 and I will miss everyone so much. They are not just Kids or Colleagues, they become my second family and I can´t wait until I will come back to South Africa to visit them again.

These four month were such a great experience for me, I will never forget this in my life and I am so thankful that I got the chance to live and love in South Africa.