Extract from : E-letter No 4 of 2015



At the beginning of my seminary life I was given a task of taking care of a pet. I quickly fell in love with the pet and its name is Bunny. This pet is a touch base of my life as I have taken it as my friend because I give him food every day, water to drink and bond with him.

Bunny made me realise that I am not the only person who cares for him as I read a book called “THE ORIGINAL VELVETEEN RABBIT” In this book a boy took care of a bunny by giving him food, water to drink, enjoyed brushing it and he even let it sleep alongside him.

Bunny is like a friend to me even though he doesn’t talk as his actions speak louder than words and I feel we have a strong bond. One of its actions is to crawl to me. It make me realise that he can see or even sense that I am next to it, it also tells me that it acknowledge everything I do for it, so by jumping it shows its happiness and appreciation to me.

What a wonderful creature! God has created an innocent and interesting pet to know and see its simple life style; it enjoys eating red apple- it gets to be finished in minutes after being given.

Let us take care of one another, love God’s creation and we will be rewarded by way or the other they live as us human beings, they eat as we do, drink as we do. They have their unique to life as we have our own unique way. They bring joy to other people and one thing for sure a Bunny has peace.


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