Winter Blankets


5, Hill Street, Newcastle 2940

The pictures show us preparing for one particular trip with June Wells (SVP) with the help of two Seminarians, Jimmy and Javolino. We have some wonderful ladies on the Fairly Estate who help with the sharing of food and blankets. Food is made available at the Church, and also taken to families every Thursday.  The families, and orphans are VERY grateful and appreciative.

The other location where the blankets were donated is the informal settlements of Isidlala and Donusa – here the majority of families live in shacks and mud-brick homes – no electricity or proper sanitation, and standpipes for water every few streets.

Please convey to the kind DONORS the gratitude and deepest appreciation of those who benefit. I need not tell you that in the freezing weather of the winter the shacks and ‘rubbish tip hovels’ are no place to live.

God bless you all, and be assured of our prayers.

Fr. Gerald Gostling (SS Peter and Paul Newcastle)

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