Bishop Graham Rose

Dundee Diocesan Indaba – Issue 36

As we are celebrating the month of August which is the vocations month, we need to live practically the Gospel where Jesus……Read more

Bible Sunday Celebration 2017

“…Bible Sunday is celebrated annually and a collection be taken for the support of the Catholic Bible Foundation of South…Read more



Bible Sunday 2017 Booklet

Dear Families, listen to the Word of God, meditate on it together, pray with it, let the Lord fill your lives with mercy…Read more


Dundee Diocesan Indaba – Issue 35

Eleven of our Diocesan priests enjoyed four days together at the Kruger Park 24th – 27th April. It was a wonderful occasion ……Read more

Dundee Diocesan Indaba – Issue 34

On Sunday the 22nd of January 2017 the Roman Catholic Church had hosted the wonderful event called Academic Sunday in…….Read More

Dundee Diocesan Indaba – Issue 33

Our Diocese of Dundee was created from the Archdiocese of Durban in 1983 when Michael Paschal Rowland OFM became bishop……..Read More


Dundee Diocesan Indaba – Issue 32

Bishop Graham writes in the letter of invitation to the priests of our Diocese: “Through the Anglican/Catholic dialogue, Read More




Dundee Diocesan Indaba – Issue 31

From May 28, 2016 to June 5, 2016, we were privileged to participate on a pilgrimage of priests to Rome…Read More


Dundee Diocesan Indaba – Issue 30

Pope Boniface VIII declared the first Holy Year in 1300 since when the Catholic Church has regularly celebrated the…Read More


Dundee Diocesan Indaba – Issue 29

The Youth of Saints Peter and Paul Catholic church, together with Fr. Peter planted an Olive Tree in the…...Read More


Dundee Diocesan Indaba – Issue 28

Blessed Louis and Zelie Martin were beatified on October 19, 2008. Pope Francis is expected to canonize…………Read More


Dundee Diocesan Indaba – Issue 27

Since 1922, the Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS) have been the official missionary arm of the Catholic………..Read More


Dundee Diocesan Indaba – Issue 26

The Consolata Missionaries are a Missionary Religious Congregation founded on 29th January 1901 by Blessed………….Read More